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I'm a 10+ year IT veteran turned technical writer and front-end web developer. I offer both technical writing and web development services.

Technical Writing Services

I have 10+ years’ experience collaborating with subject matter experts, end users, and non-technical team members to produce a diverse range of technical documentation.

I know from experience the consequences of poor or absent documentation:

  • Increased support call volume
    • If user guides are inaccurate or incomplete, or if basic troubleshooting guides are not available, you’ll get a ton of repetitive (and unnecessary) support calls.
  • Lost Business
    • Would you buy a product if the information on the packaging contained factual, grammatical and spelling errors? Would you take the company seriously? Neither will your customers.
  • Wasted Internal Resources
    • If your employees can’t find the information they need because existing docs are incomplete or absent, they waste time finding the missing information or even more time fixing potential mistakes.

I write audience-focused documentation that addresses issues at their level, from their perspective. How? I generally follow this procedure:

Tech Writing Workflow

Web Development Services

My web development work focuses primarily on personal and small business sites at this time. I also offer optional website hosting services, so I'll be able to create your website AND get it on the internet for you. You won't have to worry about how to set up DNS records or register domains.

technical writing skills

I have over 10 years' experience writing internal and end-user facing documentation in the IT industry.

What I enjoy writing:

  • User Manuals
  • "How-To" Guides
  • Procedural Documentation


  • Technical Aptitude
  • Audience-Focused
  • Instructional Writing
web dev skills

I enjoy creating clean, professional websites that showcase what you (or your company) have to offer.

What I enjoy building:

  • Personal Portfolio Sites
  • Blogs
  • Small Business Sites


  • WordPress
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive Design
  • Testing/Debugging

Recent Projects

Nutanix CE Installation Guide

Nutanix CE Installation Guide

A field installation guide for a fictitious Managed Services Provider (MSP) called RS Tech Services, this guide allows field engineers to perform initial deployments of Nutanix Community Edition at customer sites quickly and efficiently, necessitating fewer calls to senior technical personnel.

Personal Portfolio Project

Personal Portfolio Project

This project is version 1 of the website you're currently visiting. It was the final project for an introductory course in web programming and design, and uses HTML5 and CSS.

View code on Github

IT Help Desk Knowledge Base Project


While working at Titan America, I was approached by the CIO to create various “How To” type knowledge base articles for the company’s intranet page and to solicit/edit similar content from fellow technicians. Recognizing my past work, the CIO appointed me as the primary content creator and editor for this ongoing project.